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[ooc] Contact & HMD [Sep. 4th, 2030|10:30 pm]

Plurk acting up? Need to ask me a question about my character, a plot, or anything else?
Need to give me some crit and not comfortable doing so in the game-wide HMD?

Here is the post for you! Just drop me a line here and I'll get back to you as quickly as I'm able.

Anonymous commenting: On
Screened commenting: Off
IP logging: Off

- Stats & Permissions
- Relationship Chart
- Miracle Country School Information
- Handwaving Information
- Application
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[ relationship chart ] [Apr. 25th, 2024|11:54 pm]

Last updated December 2016

★ = active dislike
★★ = mild dislike & mistrust
★★★ = neutral (with general default to "like you")
★★★★ = likes & cares for
★★★★★ = most trusted & loved

Relationship Chart )
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[ooc] Stats & Permissions [Dec. 28th, 2023|03:53 pm]

Name: Snow White | Mary Margaret Blanchard (either name can be applied and she has no preference; "Snow" is an acceptable name that doesn't require familiarity to be used, but "Mary Margaret" should not be used interchangeably)
Canon: Once Upon a Time
Timeline: 3x11 3x22
Age/Birthday: Physically in her mid-30s, but there was also a 28 year timeloop so make of that what you will. Birthday currently unknown (she doesn't like her birthday so it wouldn't come up icly, anyway).
Race/species: Human

Relationship status: Married Happily (and Sappily) Ever After to Prince Charming, her True Love.
Family notes: Married to Charming as stated above, and they have two children together: Emma ([info]birthrighted) and Neal (not to be confused with older Neal Cassidy, his namesake; Prince Neal is just a baby). Both her parents are deceased and she has no siblings save for seven dwarves who are basically brothers to her. She has a stepmother, Regina. In Kiseki, she and Charming have unofficially adopted kids throughout their time in game, although currently only Yukine ([info]aguidinglight) is in game.

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[ooc] handwaving information [Aug. 9th, 2015|10:54 am]

[Last updated December 2016]

So your character has been in game for long enough now that having them randomly not recognize a character is a little awkward, and you're unsure if it's alright for you to say your character 'knows' mine or not. Short answer: yes, if you want them to then they do!

This post is a general overview of how Snow White spends her average day to help you determine whether your character would either:

1) have met her or know her specifically, or
2) have CR with someone else who would have met her or know her specifically and therefore allow for piggy-backing CR.

This is just a general overview way of saying that I am 100% okay with your character already "knowing" Snow and hand-waving that initial 'oh, who are you!' if you would rather just dive in to deeper subjects of threading.

You will know Snow White and/or have had at least a conversation with her if...
- you attend the school
- you know Charming or Yukine [family CR]
- you know Aramis or Anne (or Porthos) [closest "non-family" CR]
- you've ever been curious about or looked at the Charmings' own house just beside the housing area; it's close enough that it's impossible to miss
- you are less than 20 years old, as she'll always want to check in on those she sees as children and make sure that they're alright and taken care of, ESPECIALLY if they are either lcw or do not have an adult castmate looking out for them

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[ooc] details on the Miracle Country School [Jun. 2nd, 2015|02:20 pm]

Last updated December 2016

Originally founded by Sayaka Okiura years ago, the school has switched hands many times - even coming under Miracle Country maintenance in the absence of a headmaster. Located next to the lake near the Sakura Park, the Yomogi School is a modest building with plenty of classrooms and supplies for an attendance far larger than the current student body offers. There's a large school yard used for having lunch, spending time together, recesses, and whenever PE classes are taught.

While attendance isn't mandatory, they might end up there anyway (as long as their mun wishes for this to happen, of course). Every once in a while, Kiseki informs an idle resident that they'll now be attending the school (or teaching a class, if they're too old/educated for that).

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[ooc] Application [Dec. 28th, 2013|03:07 pm]

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